March 30, 2011

Yellow Cake Mix Recipe

Thank you to April who e-mailed me today with this link to Chickens in the Road.  I will be giving this a try.  The site looks very interesting and as April said, "She uses only ingredients on hand, and it is very simple to make.  I have made several of her recipes and have never been disappointed"  

That's good enough for me.  I will be baking two cakes this weekend for a church dinner so I will be trying this recipe.  Thanks again, April. 


The Headstrong Housewife! said...

I will be trying this myself! I have yet to find a yellow cake mix that comes out light and fluffy like a box cake, they always seem to come out dense.

Martha said...

I was so thankful when April e-mailed me with this site. I am converting to total scratch, at least I am trying to. I compared the recipe to what I have in a "Make a Mix Cookbook" and this recipe does look like it will be moister and from the picture it looks like a store bought cake.

BTW - this weekend I will be trying my hand at homemade bagels and will use the recipe you have on your site.

Pamela said...

I will also surely try this recipe out. Thanks for sharing.

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