March 04, 2011

Amy Dacyczyn Videos on You Tube

Ah yes, it's good to see and hear her voice.  Here are two videos I found on You Tube featuring Amy D.  The first one is an old clip from 1992 and the second is from a few years ago.  The second one shows her beautiful house and barn.  Enjoy. 

Amy sounds like she is talking about 2011 and not 1992.

Here is a newer video of her. 


Family Balance Sheet said...

WOW that does sound like she is talking about today. It's sad that some things haven't really changed.

Kimberly said...

How exciting, I have read all of Amy's book numerous times. What a thrill to see her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these videos...I have read her books, like to think I follow her (Some) of her footsteps. It was so nice to see these.

Anonymous said...

For more video footage of Amy, search youtube for "Living Rich on a Poor Man's Salary (Part 7)" and "Living Rich on a Poor Man's Salary (Part 8)".