March 29, 2011

Dinner Tonight - March 29th and Writing for a News Website

Tonight we had leftover turkey casserole from last night.  I think it tasted even better tonight and everyone enjoyed it.  I still have two servings left so I will freeze those leftovers for when I am the only one home for dinner.  I did add a fruit salad and since we polished off the broccoli last night we had some green beans.

I write for a News Website that covers the local and state news in our area.  I have a column that is called Living on Less and I really enjoy writing for it.  Lately I have been posting an article about every 3 weeks but I need to post at least every other week.  The problem is, writer's block.  I couldn't think of what to write, until last night when I was working on the Tightwad post.  It came to me. 

I'm going to write a series of articles about the process of deciding if a woman can afford to stay home and the steps that need to be taken in that decision making process.  Since I am a woman and I have gone through this, I can only speak to women and I hope that no one thinks I am being sexist.  It only makes sense to write from what I have experienced. 

Last night and this morning I started to make a list of the decisions that need to be made and the process that is involved in this important decision.  There are many questions a couple needs to ask themselves prior to the wife staying home full time.

Also, if it isn't possible for the wife to quit her job, then I will talk about finding happiness in your work.  I had hoped to have it posted by tonight, but it is evolving into a series that will require more of my time.  When it is posted, I will put up a link to the site. 


Sharon said...

How cool is that! I would love to read your series...looking forward to it!

Elizabeth said...

I think another important aspect you could add is that if a couple is getting married and wanting to start a family right away that maybe the wife should consider staying home from the start. Too many couples say "We both will work for a few years and save up money to start a family" and then they end up NOT saving money and getting used to living on two incomes and thinking they can't do it on one.