March 21, 2011

Sewing a Pretty Hospital Gown for a Mom to Be

Here is a great gift idea for a mom to be.  Make her a pretty hospital gown to wear in the hospital.  I never thought of doing this but my DIL is making a couple of these right now for two friends.

Michael Miller Floral

She bought fabric that has an almost 1970's retro flower look to it similar to the above print by Michael Miller and she found the pattern at this website. 

Simply download the pattern, print it off, lay it out and sew it.  I remember back to the pictures of me in the hospital holding our newborn sons, and there I am in this ugly hospital gown.  It would have been so nice to wear a gown that was really more stylish and pretty, especially for pictures.  You could purchase a delicate flower print or you could go bold.  She will be adding some trim to the sleeves.  Another suggestion is to pick a more delicate print and add a little lace to the sleeves.

This pattern has velcro in the shoulders so that the shoulders can simply open up just like all hospital gowns.  This is also perfect for nursing moms. 

I just had to share this with those of you that need an idea for a gift for a mom to be or someone else who will be going in the hospital. 


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! You KNOW I am stealing it, right?

Maureen said...

What a thoughtful idea, love the print...