March 03, 2011

End of the World? My Opinion

Floods, earthquakes, crop failures, economic woes, famine, unemployment, wars, political arrest, civil wars, tornadoes, hurricanes, sickness  ... okay, enough already.  Is this the end of the world? 

I am a Christian and I believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  In the Bible it says no one, including Jesus, knows the date or time of Jesus' second coming or further when the world will end.  Only God knows.  The Bible does tell us to watch and pray.

So - do I live in fear right now?  No.  Do I sell off all of my possessions and sit in a field and wait?  No.

We are obviously living in quite desperate times.  So what is my response?  I think about what Jesus would want me to do.  He wouldn't want me to hide in my bed with the covers over my head.  Instead as things happen and as needs arise, I do what I can to meet those needs.

I sponsor three Compassion International children in impoverished countries, I go to church and pray, I give to my church and other charities.  I give to the food pantry and to the Red Cross and United Way.  I move from fear to the opportunities to help others that surround me. 

I am convinced God doesn't want us to isolate ourselves being fearful.  Instead he wants us to pray and to show love to others by helping those suffering in the world. 

Years ago there was that phrase "What would Jesus Do?"  Well I am convinced Jesus wouldn't be hiding in a hole somewhere.  He would be out there with the people feeding them, comforting them, caring for them and meeting their needs.  What better way to show God's love to others than to help them when they are suffering.  That is what we should focus on.

With that in mind, take up my Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.  Get your focus on helping others and off of fear.  And most important, don't forget to pray.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. When my son started college I lived in fear that something would happen and I wouldnt be able to get to him and bring him home with us. That fear returned when my daughter went to college, but now I just calmly pray every day that Jesus will protect them when I cant.

Both my husaband and I have given away 20.00 this week. I gave mine in a lump sum to someone I know who is struggling with jobloss and divorce. I quietly put it in an envelope and put it in her mailbox. My husband gave his out in the city since he goes there every day for work. He didnt tell me who he gave it to and I didnt ask.


Maureen said...

If we were to hide under the bed every time there is a End Of The World Is Nigh moment. We would never see daylight. So I get on with life and dont give it another thought.

I refuse to live in fear.

Anonymous said...

Martha, I just turned 53 in December and have embarked on the same journey as you...only a year later. I quit my job in August of 2010 due to pain. I hope to not return and too am so enjoying this new chapter in my life after working for 35 years, most of them full-time. I was raised in a church that focused on the end times. I never thought I would grow up and have a family. Now here I am! I will not let fear stop me from living my life either. All we can do is trust and pray....well and a lot of other things too, but those mainly!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I agree with what you're saying here. We don't know when the end will come, but for now we will keep supporting our 9 Compassion kids and doing the work that we feel God is leading us to. When Jesus comes, the last thing I want him to find is that we've hoarded our blessings and wasted time away.