March 24, 2011

Grocery Spending for the week of March 21 - March 27

I shop two grocery stores in our town.  One is Hy-Vee and here is the store's website.  I also shop at Fareway and here is the store's website 

 Last week I spent $21.69 for groceries.  I increased my budget from $20 to $25.  I carried over the surplus money to this week.  So for this week I have $28.31. 

Here is what I have spent so far this week:

4 blocks of 8 oz. Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese on sale @ $1.50 = $6.00; Onion Soup Mix - Box of 2 envelopes @ .69; Lettuce $1.49; 2 Sweet Red Peppers @ .77 cents = $1.54 and 5 Bananas @ .54 lb. = .92

Total Spent So far for Week 2 = $10.64

I still have quite a few apples on hand but my favorite apples, Pink Lady, are on sale this week at only 88 cents a lb. Tomorrow I will stop by the store to pick up fresh carrots, bananas, apples and milk.  Strawberries are on sale for $1.19 a lb. so if they look fresh, I will pick up a lb.  This is what I have been spending my money on - dairy and produce. 

In dealing with a strict budget I have taken on a new habit of only buying a small amount of produce at a time.  I don't want to waste anything.  Since I walk past two grocery stores each day on my way to Curves, I can always pick up more produce as needed. 

There is $17.67 left in my grocery budget to spend for Week 2.   I am amazed that I am sticking to this $25 a week budget.  There is no special advice or secret I have for making this work, other than determination to make it work. 

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MyATM said...

I salute you for being good at budgeting your money. I am sure a lot of your readers have learned so much from you because I have. Thanks for an inspiring blog like this. :)