March 21, 2011

Contents of My Freezer Update - With Prices

I had planned to post the contents of my pantry today also, but I have been having problems with blogger tonight for some reason.  Here are the contents of my freezer nonetheless.  It is almost shameful the amount of meat that is in that freezer.  However, it was all purchased at rock bottom prices and I am now going to reap the benefit of using it up and saving even more money in my food budget. 

I hope your eyes don't get cross eyed reading this boring list.  I will do my best to list the rest of my inventory of my pantry and the freezer above my fridge sometime tomorrow (or as I look at my clock, tomorrow is now today).  That's what I get for staying up late. 

One little disclaimer - yes, you will see I have a lot of Hot Dogs in the freezer.  Most of them were on sale for 50 cents (Oscar Meyer) and I had $1.00 off two, so they were free.  I, along with a friend, will be supplying a meal to our Church Youth Group next month and the plan is to serve Hot Dogs. 

Have a Blessed Sunday.


Ground Beef

73% lean 24 lbs.    Paid 80 cents lb.
80% lean 35 lbs.    Paid $1.19 to $1.50 lb.
85% lean 20 lbs.    Paid $1.50 lb.
90% lean ½ lb.      Paid $1.79 lb.

Total Ground Beef: 79.5 lbs.     

Boneless Chuck Roast 4 pkgs. @ 2 to 3.5 lbs.   Paid $2.28 to $2.48 lb.
Boneless Rump Roast 1 pkg. @ 4 lbs.       Paid $1.99 lb.

Boneless Sirloin Tip Steaks 4 pkgs. @ 1 lb.     Paid $2.99 lb.
Sirloin Bacon Wrapped Fillet 3 Fillets             Paid between .80 and $1.25 per fillet


Boneless Chicken Breasts 3 Breasts   Paid $1.39 per lb.
Bone-in Chicken Breasts 10 Breasts   Paid 89 cents per lb.

Chicken Thighs 22 Thighs              Paid 39 cents per lb. for hindquarters and I cut them apart.
Chicken Drumsticks 30 Drumsticks   Paid 39 cents per lb. for hindquarters and I cut them apart.


Ground Turkey 7 pkgs. @ 1 lb.   Paid 99 cents per lb.
Turkey Pot Pies 2 pies     Paid 30 cents per pie.


Salmon Fillets 2 Fillets  Paid $1.00 per fillet
Tilapia Fillets 4 Fillets  Paid $1.00 per fillet


Bacon 8 pkgs. @ 1 lb.  Paid $1.00 to $1.50 per lb.

Ham Cubes 8 pkgs. @ 1 cup each  Paid .80 per lb.
Ham Loaf 3 pkgs. @ 2 lbs.  Paid $1.49 per lb.
Ground Ham 5 pkgs. @ 1 lb.  Paid .80 per lb.
Deli Ham 7 pkgs. @ 12 oz.   Paid between .99 and $1.25 per pkg.

Boneless Small Loin Pork Roasts 1 pkg. @ 1.5 lbs.  Paid $1.00 per lb.
Boneless Pork Loin Roasts 4 pkgs. @ 2.5 lbs.  Paid $1.59 per lb.
Pork Loin Slices 17 slices   Paid $1.50 per lb.
Ground Pork 7 pkgs. @ 1 lb. Paid between $1.00 and $1.50 per lb.

Sausage Rolls 9 pkgs. @ 1 lb.  Paid between .50 and .75 lb.
Link Sausage 2 pkgs. @ 12 oz.   Paid .99 per pkg.

Hot Dogs 16 pkgs. @ 1 lb. Paid Free, to .25 to .50 per lb.
Bologna 5 pkgs. @ 1 lb.  Paid .50 per lb.


Corn 1 pkg. @ 1 lb.   Paid 79 cents
Mixed Veg. 6 pkgs. @ 1 lb.  Paid 79 cents
Peas 3 pkgs. @ 1 lb.   Paid 79 cents
Broccoli 2 pkgs. @ 1 lb.   Paid between 50 cents and 99 cents
Brocc, Rice & Cheese 1 pkg. @ 1 lb.   Paid 50 cents
Wild Rice, Vegetables 1 pkg. @ 1 lb.   Paid 50 cents
Stir Fry Vegetables 1 pkg. @ 1 lb.   Paid 99 cents


Blueberries 13 pkgs. @ 1 cup Paid 99 cents per lb.
Personal Fruit Pies 4 pies   Paid 30 cents per pie
Peach Pineapple Conserve 2 small containers - Homemade


Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 17 pkgs. @ 8 oz.   Paid $1.00 per pkg.
Shredded Cheddar/Mozzarella 6 pkgs. @ 8 oz.   Paid 75 cents per pkg.


Bread 1 Loaf @ 60 cents
Homemade Hot Dog Buns 8 Buns - Homemade
Homemade Hamburger Buns 6 Buns - Homemade


Audry said...

I would love to know the difference between regular price, and the price you paid for all this! That would be something! :-)

Martha said...

@ Audry:

I have a spreadsheet list of all my grocery receipts and I know what I paid for each of these items on sale. If I have time, I will update this list to reflect the price I paid.

Maureen said...

What an amazing amount of food, tell me how would you cope with an extended power cut ???? Is it insured ???

Audry said...

Martha, this is amazing. You have been a great steward of your resources! And, you inspired me to take inventory today. I'm constantly running out of something, or find I have multiples. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It's a blessing for your readers.

Martha said...

@ Maureen:

Power outages of several days have happened in our area, but it is in the winter time. So, food can be put outside in rubbermaid bins for what is referred to in our area as a "back porch" freezer. Of course, it doesn't help to keep us warm inside the house.

In the summer, an outage is a rarity. But my old freezer broke down and I didn't notice it for almost 36 hours. Nothing had thawed because the freezer was so packed and I hadn't opened the door. I called a couple of friends and they let me take the contents of my freezer to their homes until I could buy a new freezer, which took 2 days to find one and have it delivered.

No, these items aren't specifically insured as I think that would be a waste of money. However in the event that our house was destroyed by fire or tornado or whatever, the contents of the house are insured and I would include the pantry and freezer items as contents.