March 30, 2011

Dinner Tonight - March 30th and Painting

Today after doing laundry, running errands, getting my nails done (yea) and helping out with the after school program at church, my husband took me out to Subway for supper.  We're really trying not to spend any extra money but I really needed a break from cooking and he noticed.  Our son went to his youth group at church where they supply a meal, so it was just the two of us eating out. 

We took our Subway discount card with us and saved $1.00 Wasn't much but it was still a dollar saved.  I don't think a sub ever tasted so good as the one I ate for supper.  We got foot long subs along with pop and chips.  I ate half and the other half will be my lunch tomorrow.  Didn't think it was too bad for $15.00. 

I suggested we just pick up the subs and bring them home.  My husband told me that would defeat the purpose of eating out since I was so tired.  I know I am making a big deal out of a fast food restaurant.  However I feel Subway is one of the healthiest restaurants you can eat at and it is my favorite.

Here is what a portion of my living room looked like yesterday after I painted two coats of the base coat. It is a dark olive green/gold and it is so beautiful next to the furniture and the rug. I am totally thrilled and ready to get this finished.  (I just have the panels up for privacy.  I took down the valance until I am done.)

Our living room was two parlors when the house was first built. Somewhere about 30 years ago, the previous owners took out the wall and pocket doors that divided the parlors and made one open room. As I am painting I am working on one end of the room at a time. There are definite dividing points of the rooms with the wood work so painting it in two phases will work without any noticeable difference.


Note the masking tape on the woodwork at the top right corner of the window. That marks where the picture rail is located under the paint.  It is a long piece of wood that is placed towards the top of the ceiling where you put in a nail and hang a picture on a cord from that nail.  You can see that rail in the picture below.  I have marked it as I plan on hanging my pictures by putting a nail into this board.  Anyone who has plaster walls can tell you it is very hard to put a nail into a plaster wall without the plaster crumbling a little.


Here is the rug, with my dog's foot in the picture.  The wall color
matches this rug perfectly and when I am done faux painting it will look even better.

Tomorrow it will be back to painting in the living room. But taking the day off and giving my back a rest and not having to cook dinner has totally refreshed me.


HDNelson said...

The painting looks lovely so far, and good for you that you were able to get a bit of a dinner break today!

Anonymous said...

It looks so nice!!!! I love the colors you are using also.

Now when your done could you fly to philly and start my house..pretty pretty pretty please


Martha said...

@HDNelson - it was a treat to eat out. I'm sure some people would rather go to a "real" restaurant, but I like Subway. I'm easy to please.

@Judy - I want to come to Philly some day and if I do, get the paint picked out and we'll have a ball.