March 07, 2011

My House is a Mess

I need Samantha from the t.v. show "Bewitched" to show up at my house right now.  She could twitch her nose and the house would be clean and in order.  I'll handle the painting project in the livingroom, I just want her to take care of the housework.

I could use the excuse that my livingroom is messy due to the work I am doing in there, but truth be told, my house is messy from the upstairs to the basement.  When one area of my house gets out of hand, it doesn't take long for me to lose the rest of the house.  Have you ever experienced this?

About two weeks ago I noticed that I no longer was as sleepy during the day from taking Paxil.  It took about 2 months for my body to get used to taking this anti-depressant.  I had been taking a nap in the morning and in the afternoon to help me get through my day.  Now, I may only need a 10 minute cat nap after I read the morning paper and I don't need anything more. 

So, I have been out of the habit of keeping up on housework for over two months.  This is what I have noticed.  When a house is messy, everyone seems to add to the mess by not doing the normal pick up that they have been doing.  For example, dishes get left on the table after lunch or put in the sink, but not put in the dishwasher.  Stuff is left around and not put away. I have done my best to keep the main living areas in order, but these areas get cluttered quickly.  Also, I have been spending my time picking up other family member's clutter but can I blame them if I am not doing my job and setting an example?

Having a messy and disorganized house, while working on a home project,  can take a toll on a family.  My family is understanding, but then again - they are guys.  So where to begin when you have a messy house?  Pick a room and start.  I am going to spend today and tomorrow walking around the house putting stuff away, going through stacks of paper and hopefully throwing stuff away.  Once the house is decluttered, I will then be able to spend an hour a day for a week cleaning and still have time to work on my livingroom. 

We all have those times when you have to let the housework go, but then there comes the point that you just can't handle the clutter and spot cleaning doesn't work anymore and it is time to dig in.  Now I hate housework in the first place.  If someone could clean my house in exchange for me baking them bread, cookies and doing their laundry, then I would be in housewife heaven.  I doubt that is going to happen just like I doubt I will be able to twitch my nose and suddenly my house will be clean and orderly.


tammyyarbrough said...

I would swap in a second! I hate to do laundry and would much rather clean house! Throw in a loaf or two of home baked bread, and I'd be in Heaven, although my thighs might not agree =)

Martha said...

I'm working my way through the clutter and the place looks good. Now I'm ready for you to come and clean so get on a plane as soon as you can. I'll get some bread baking.

Isn't this interesting? If we lived in the same community I would swap baking if you would clean my downstairs - main living area every other week.