March 04, 2011

Busy Days - Everyone Can Relate

I have been to two grocery stores and Wal-mart today.  There were grocery bargains to pick up and prescriptions needed filled.  Now I am trying to put everything away while finally deciding on paint colors for the livingroom.

I am sooo excited by the colors I have picked out for my livingroom and I am getting ready to head to the paint store for the great 30% off sale.  Then there is a doctor's appointment and I need to get to Curves to work out.  My oldest son just texted me asking if he can come for supper.  His wife is out of town, so instead of a leftover meal, I am cooking a nice meal for him.  He's been without his wife's good cooking since Sunday. 

So I will post this evening about our Tightwad Gazette reading for today, along with some new coupon using/ grocery shopping strategies I started this week to squeeze every penny out of my grocery budget.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday.  The snow is gone now in my section of Iowa.  Kind of nice to see the brown/slightly green grass for a change.  Of course this also means mud and having to wipe off muddy dog paws before I let the dogs in my house.  Maybe I should barricade the kitchen off from the rest of the house and dab paint on their paws and let them decorate the old vinyl flooring we need to replace.  That would be unique!

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Elizabeth said...

You mentioned making fish with a lemon pepper sauce a few posts back. I'm horrible at cooking fish...but I want to include it in our diet more. Could you post a recipe of that?