March 27, 2011

Grocery Spending for week of March 21 - March 27 - Final spend

Tomorrow I start week 3 on a grocery budget of $25 a week. Here is the balance of what I spent on groceries for week 2. I posted on March 24th the first half of my spending that left me with $17.67 in the budget for the balance of the week.

Here is what I purchased

$2.10 - Bananas
$1.66 - Diet 7 up
$1.79 - Store brand Cheese Puffs - $1.79
$3.00 - two packages Kraft Cheese slices 2 @ $1.50
$1.50 - Kraft 8 oz. Block Cheese
$1.57 - Half gallon milk
$1.29 - 2 lbs. carrots
$1.69 - Red Bell Pepper
$0.99 - Lettuce
$1.97 - Pink Lady Apples

$17.56 - Total Spent

I have 11 cents to carry over to my grocery budget beginning tomorrow.  Yes, I would have more if I wouldn't have bought the cheese puffs or the pop.  The pop was a special deal and I decided to splurge.  As to the cheese puffs, my son wanted them for his lunches instead of popcorn this week.  I still stayed under budget. 

If you're new to following my blog, I have a freezer full of meat and lots of food in my pantry.  It is my goal to deplete both of these and to only spend $25 a week on produce and dairy products.  I am baking my own bread to save money also.  

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Good luck Martha!