March 16, 2011

Unexpected "Happy" Expense

Pretend this is a $20 and a $5
Our son left 30 minutes ago to go on an Orchestra trip to Chicago and he will be returning on Saturday.  He needed $25.00 for two meals.  I happily handed over the money. He is a good kid and has looked forward to this trip for a few months, but I had forgotten about this expense.  Our son had money saved for spending and such and we had told him we would take care of the two meals that he would be responsible for.  All other meals were included and he participated in several fundraisers so that all he needed was the $25 for food.

It will be quiet in our house for the next few days but I will be able to watch t.v. in the livingroom if I want to!  Also, when I get in the shower, he won't be in his shower at the same time using up all the hot water.  Then, there is all the food that he doesn't like that my DH and I like to eat.  We can eat our favorites while he is gone.  Oh, and we can watch a movie that he thinks is stupid too!!  The house will be less cluttered and if I run out of gas in my car, I can drive his!!!

So, $25 was a pretty good deal.


Maureen said...

I think it was a great deal.
Now how much would it cost me for my MIL ??

Maureen said...

I just lost my comment, blast.
hope your Son enjoys his time away.