March 01, 2011

Picking a Paint Color for my Livingroom

Picking a color for a room is very hard for me.  I don't want to make a mistake and then have paint that I can't use.  Most paint stores will give you samples of certain best selling colors, but I never want the best selling colors.  I usually buy small cans of paint and try the colors out, but this time I'm not going to do it. 

I am going to pick out colors and then buy the paint and that will be that.  I hope --- maybe -- well I really think so --- help!!!

Since my ceilings are high, I had thought about ragging on the walls deep golds (not bright yellows like in my entryway) and then 2 feet from the top to paint a complimentary color that is ragged in three shades.  As an example I could go gold on the main wall, and rust or sage green at the top of the wall.  Or I can just take the gold color palette and rag lighter golds on the bottom and darker golds on the top.

My DH could care less and why should he?  Why would men really care especially one that is almost color blind?  I have until March 3rd to decide.  I am a preferred customer at Sherwin Williams and from March 3rd to March 7th I will get 30% off any paint.  Considering paint runs from $30 to $52 there, this is a good deal.  If I were going to use a lesser quality paint from Wal-mart, I would pay about $27 a gallon.  So the 30% off will make the good quality paint quite affordable. 

When I look at those paint sample cards I immediately set aside any color that I feel won't work.  I don't second guess it and then I try to come down to just a few to select from. 

Here are my selections (at least for now):

I'm leaning to the one on the far right.  I will need to take that strip and choose the medium color to paint the walls and then the dark and light colors to rag on the walls.  As to the top of the wall - well, I will get that figured out as the week goes by.

I have to coordinate everything with my furniture and drapes and rug. 

Ooh - that's our dog's foot.  She follows me around while I am taking pictures and looking at paint samples.  Too bad dogs are color blind, she could come in handy.

So, I will be having some fun for the next few days looking at these paint sample cards during the morning, afternoon, evening and when it is dark to see how the colors look in a room.  Explain that to a husband.

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