March 08, 2011

Postponing Today's Reading to March 9th

I am going to postpone today's Tightwad Gazette discussion to tomorrow.  I have had a little too much birthday celebration - by that I mean birthday cake - and I am sleepy.  So tomorrow we will take up our Tightwad Gazette refresher reading and discuss pages 77 through 87. 

I have enjoyed all of the comments on Amy Dacyczyn's book.  Many of us are doing the best we can to reduce expenses so that we can work the new higher prices of food and gasoline into our budget.  This makes it a perfect time to study Amy D.'s "Tightwaddery" lifestyle.  We all need to pull together and encourage each other in sticking with our budgets. 

On another note, I follow several blogs authored by women.  A few of these women are going through some challenges in their lives right now with health issues in their families.  To Sharon, Maureen, Elizabeth and Kris, I pray for each of you and your families daily.

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Debs said...

I have been really enjoying the series, even if I don't always manage to comment (and when I do comment, I have two different blogger accounts so I hope I'm not being too confusing!)

It's good to be challenged and just to stop and think about things we're doing with our money, and how little changes can make a big difference.