March 02, 2011

Dinner Tonight - March 2nd and My Day

Wednesday is fish night at our house.  I am broiling Talapia and will basting a lemon pepper sauce on it.  I have a steamfresh package of wild rice with mixed vegetables and I will also serve a tossed salad.  For dessert we have some bar cookies. 

I picked the paint colors for my livingroom today, which is good since the paint sale begins tomorrow.  I was struggling with the colors and I thought I had settled it, but I decided to take my selections to the paint store, along with my laptop that has pictures of my livingroom.

The store manager looked at the pictures and my selections and told me that the colors will look very nice in the room and he gave me some advice as to what to paint the ceiling.  I needed a professional to assure me that what I selected would work.  Now I need to calculate the amount of paint I will need. 

The wall color will be the gold on the right.  I will use three shades to rag on the wall.  Three shades of the sage green (on the left) will be ragged on the top of the wall down about 2 feet.  Then the ceiling will be sponged in the three lighter shades of the gold.

One thing I have come to realize, this is going to be a bigger project than I had planned so it will definitely take most of March to get it done.  But, when it is done, it will look wonderful and it will be well worth it.

I am glad that I have been patient as if I would have bought the paint last week, I would have missed out on a 30% off paint sale. 

I am off to our church in about an hour to help with the elementary kids after school program.  We will be baking brownies today to take to a homeless shelter this weekend.  I know that we will have to take care to really label those brownies when we put them in the freezer or someone will eat them.  I love working with elementary school kids - they are at a good age and we have a good group of kids.

This week the sun has been shining a lot and it gives me hope that winter will be over soon and before too long I will be able to start hanging clothes to dry outside once again.  YEA!!!

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Maureen said...

Martha thanks so much for your comment on my blog.

I love your colour choices and am sure that they will suit your style of home, good one getting your paint on sale.