March 20, 2011

Grocery Spending for the week of March 14 - March 20

I spent a total of $18.50 earlier in the week and yesterday I purchased apples for $2.37 and more bananas for .82 cents.  These two items added to the $18.50 from earlier in the week brings my total to $21.69.  I have raised the weekly amount to $25.00 to allow for more fresh produce as needed.

This budget would never have been possible if I hadn't stocked up when I did.  Stockpiling is not for everyone.  I do it because I want to, I enjoy it, I have the time to devote to finding good deals and I have space for everything.  This is one of many ways to save money.

If it is overwhelming or unappealing to you, find another way to save money.  This lifestyle is not for everyone.

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Kris Watson said...

It sure isn't. I can't imagine anyone in my family doing it! Some of my friends do, because that is how we met!