December 07, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Exercise.

10.  Kind of toned thighs are better than jiggly ones.

9.    Lifting weights gives you a noticeable bicep which is cool to show off to your teenage son's friends in order to embarrass him. 

8.   You can walk upstairs to the second floor of your house and not have to stop half way through to rest.

7.   You have an honest reason to wear cool work out clothes.

6.   When you get off a treadmill after a hard workout, parts of you still move, but not quite as fast as they used to.

5.   You buy walking shoes for the features and not for the color on the "swoosh."

4.   You work exercise into any conversation such as when there is a lull at church fellowship time, you ask "I wonder if Jesus ever ran a marathon?"

3.   Because somebody says "Just do it." 

2.   Your teenage son is taking p.e. and questions if you ever took p.e.

1.   You are healthier, may live longer, but at least you are doing something.

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