December 02, 2010

A not so Frugal Hair Day

I don't know a woman alive who doesn't like to have her hair look nice.  It doesn't have to be glamourous, but she wants to have a hairstyle that is flattering and looks good on her.  I am such a woman.  If you look at my profile picture you will see a hairstyle that I have sported for about two years now.  I like it because it is easy for me to style.  This is good since I am totally thumbs when it comes to styling hair.

In May I started to let my hair grow but I kept the same hairstyle.  The bangs got longer so I was able to pull them back with a barrette on top.  I liked the option of wearing my hair back if I wanted to.  Well the summer is hot and humid here in Iowa and the summer of 2010 didn't disappoint us.  My hair curls with heat and humidity so again, it was great to have longer hair to pull back and it looked nice.  Fast forward through a few months to last weekend. 

I was getting ready for bed last Friday night and I pulled my hair back with a clip to wash my face when I saw what I thought was my hair thinning.  I have thin hair to begin with so to have my hair thinning more sent me into a tailspin.    I spent the weekend glancing at my hair every now and then and trying to figure out if I was just being a little obsessive or if my hair was truly thinning.  My husband would probably say I was being a little bit obsessive.

To understand where I am coming from you need to know that when my mom was in her late 30's her hair started thinning to the point that she was nearly bald. She has worn wigs for over 40 years so imagine what was going through my mind when I thought my hair was thinning.

As we age and go through menopause I know that hair thinning can happen, but why now?  On Monday morning I called my friend Deb who cuts my hair and she told me to stop by her salon.  I did and she looked at my hair and told me that she could not see where my hair was getting any thinner and that the problem was I had let my hair grow too long.  I can get away with it in the summer due to the heat and humidity but in the winter when it is cold and dry my hair was lying limp flat on my head and giving the appearance of thinning.

She cut two inches and I now look like what my profile picture shows.  The result - my hair does not look like it is thinning and it has body.  Then I did a not so frugal thing, I purchased two products that I used to buy when I was working:  Redken Hair Thickener ($14.00 for 5 oz.) and Redken Rough Paste ($17.00 for 2.5 oz.). I extend the life of the Hair Thickener as I squeeze some of it in my hand, about half the recommended amount, and then I add a little water and mix it with a finger and then run this through my hair.  Even diluted this works great.  As to the Rough Paste I run a small dab of it through my hair after it is dried and styled.  Both of these products make a great difference on my hair and I cannot find a cheaper alternative on the market.  These products will last me three months, and although I wasn't happy paying $31.00 for these two items, I am completely happy with how my hair looks now.  I should probably do some research on the internet to see if it is possible to get these products cheaper elsewhere.

All of this happened on Monday which was my 30th wedding anniversary so I think that I was worth $31.00 for products plus another $25.00 for a cut and style on my anniversary.  It was kind of nice being pampered.

I guess I will not be joining the no shampoo movement. 

What I have learned is that while I may be able to cut back in certain areas, I may not be so happy to cut back in other areas.  $31.00 every three months is not going to be a hardship in our budget.  What will not be good is to have my husband deal with a wife who thinks she is constantly having a bad hair day. 


Maureen said...

I was a Ladies Hairdresser in my youth and I know the extent some of us will go through to have a nice hairstyle, it,s better than a tonic, which justifies the expense.

Martha said...

A bad hair day can turn into a bad hair week. It wrecks my mood and I never thought I was so vain. Then again, it's not vanity, it's just that there are times we have to spend some money on ourselves and for me, that was the best value I have received in a long time.