December 06, 2010

Getting back on the exercise track

Several weeks ago (close to 6), I finished painting the picket fence.  I didn't do a lot of exercising while I was painting as I felt that I got plenty of exercise bending up and down painting the pickets and lugging the gallons of paint around.  The problem is, I have had trouble getting back into an exercise routine since then.

It has been hit and miss for several weeks and I am now making it a priority to get back to exercising. I had become complacent and I have definitely noticed a big difference in the way I look and feel. 

Today I got back on track and will continue to make exercising a priority.  I have to.  At my age it has to be a priority, not just from how I want to look, but from a health standpoint. 

I have exercised for years and it only took a few weeks to get out of the habit.  I truly regret that I let it slide.  Every day I would keep putting it off to later in the afternoon or evening and then it wouldn't happen.  I'm now getting back on track before January.

Actually, exercising is perfect during the holidays as it is way to deal with stress.  If you are feeling stressed due to the holidays or finances, get out and go for a walk.  Start now before those "diet" commercials hit the air after New Year's.  You will feel better knowing that you had a head start on everyone else.  Oh, and during the holidays, go ahead and have treats, in moderation.  You'll be glad that come January you didn't over indulge.  There is nothing like facing a New Year with extra pounds to lose.  It is totally not worth it. 


Maureen said...

I am battling with my weight just now, and am very aware that I should be exercising for health and weightloss. However I,m just not in the zone just now, because I don,t really enjoy it it has become a chore.

Sharon said...

This is just the post I needed to read today. I've gained so much weight back (from losing 24 lbs last year) that I realize it's because I haven't been working out. I'm with you on the age thing...It's really important for your health!