December 16, 2010

Dinner Tonight - December 16th - Roasted Chicken

Tonight I am roasting a chicken with cut up potatoes, carrots and an onion.  I like to mix some dried herbs such as savory, marjoram and thyme along with some butter and rub it on the chicken and then I salt it a little before putting it in the oven to roast.  As to the vegetables I will chunk them, sprinkle some of the herbs on them and drizzle with a little oil and put them along side the chicken to roast.  I'll take some of the fruit that I have on hand and make a fruit salad supplementing it with some canned fruit.  I also have dinner rolls in the freezer and a brownie mix that I need to use up for dessert.  If I didn't have dinner rolls in the freezer, I would make some cornbread.

This is a 5 lb chicken so I'll get a few meals out of it, unless there is some late night snacking, which is okay.  This chicken was on sale a couple of months ago for only 68 cents a lb.  I watch as people usually walk by whole chickens when they are on sale and they opt for the boneless skinless chicken breasts.  I used to do that, but not anymore.  I find that I can get quite a bit of meat from a whole chicken that far outweighs the cost of bone to meat ratio.  Also, I bought a pair of good quality kitchen shears and I taught myself how to cut up a chicken. 

As an example, when chicken hindquarters go on sale for only 38 cents a lb., I buy 20 lbs.  When I get home I take my kitchen shears and cut apart the drumsticks from the thighs.  Just doing that increases the savings of the meat.  Drumsticks and thighs go on sale for 98 cents a lb. and with only a few minutes of work I have taken those hindquarters and transformed them into more expensive chicken pieces.

You can take a whole chicken and put it in a crockpot and cook it on low for several hours and the meat will fall off the bone. Take that meat and you can use it anywhere from casseroles and soup to chicken salad sandwiches. 

So, don't pass that whole chicken by when it goes on sale, as it is a really great value.


Maureen said...

Unfortunately I work near a chicken factory and I have to watch these poor birds head there to be slaughtered, so right now I am considering giving up eating them, even although I do love the taste. This is just a little personel struggle I am having, hoping it wears off.

Debs said...

I'll second all of that. I love buying and roasting whole chickens and have a bunch of recipes for using the leftovers.

Martha said...


I would never make a good farmer's wife when it came to the butchering. Time would have to pass before I was able to eat meat from something we had just butchered.


The roasted chicken turned out so good. I took 2 tablespoons of softened butter and added a mixture of the herbs I mentioned. I smeared it all over the chicken and then I took the same herbs and sprinkled them over the vegetables with a little oil. It was wonderful.

Really, people don't know what they are missing with a roasted chicken.

Our leftovers are going into sandwiches for lunch today and then the balance will go into my soup makins bowl in the freezer.