December 14, 2010

Grocery Expense - Week of December 6th

Here is what I spent on groceries last week.  I picked up a few good deals such as the deal on hamburger and shredded wheat.  There were a few things that I  purchased that weren't necessary, but fun extras. 

I still had some produce on hand so I didn't need to stock up on a lot of fresh produce.  I  have so much food on hand that will last us a long time and it is wonderful to finally see the benefits of stocking up when food prices were lower and there were some great deals.

Even with food prices going up, grocery stores will want us to come to their stores to buy their products.  I am sure that we will start seeing some great loss leaders especially in January, but we will also see a rise in prices. I am a great believer in buying as much as you can on sale and planning your meals around those sale items. 

I love having a lot of food items on hand especially when it is bitter cold outside. 

85% lean hamburger - buy 1 lb. get 1 lb. free @ $1.99 lb. = $1.99

1 lb. Butter = $1.98 lb.
2 doz. Eggs @ .99 = $1.98
1/2 gallon milk = $1.47

8 lb. Bag of Apples = $1.99

1 – 5 lb. bag of flour = .99
1 – 2 # bag of brown sugar = .99
2 - 4 lb. bags of Sugar @ $1.88 = $3.76

Blueberry Bagels = $1.19
Hot Dog Buns = .69
3 bags of shredded wheat cereal @ .48 bag = $1.44

Miracle Whip = $3.50
Chili Sauce = $1.39

2 bags of Corn Chips = $3.18
Winter Mint Cookies = $1.00
Hard Candy = $1.00
1 – 12 pack of Diet Cola = $2.60

Total Grocery Expense - $31.14


Maureen said...

Meat, fruit veg and staples all for next to nothing, that was money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Is that for a weeks worth of groceries? If so, wow. lol! I'd kill for a grocery bill that low! haha!! Great job!

Martha said...


Yes, that is for one week. Go to the home page on my blog and click on the pantry principle label and look at my blog posts from late October and I have a listing of my pantry and freezer contents. I am using up what is in my pantry and freezer and trying to buy only what is necessary so I can put money towards Christmas and into savings.