December 20, 2010

Dinner Tonight - December 20th

Tonight we had a beef roast with cut up potatoes roasted in the same pan.  I steamed some frozen mixed vegetables and made a fruit salad.  We also had some italian bread that I thinly sliced, buttered and toasted in the oven.  For dessert we had apple pie (or should I say that everyone else had pie - I'm staying away from sweets right now.)  I baked the pie Saturday night and it is almost gone.  It was a yummy meal.

It's getting a little hectic this week in getting ready for Christmas.  Tomorrow I will continue baking cookies and my daughter in law is coming over in the evening to help make the caramel, chocolate pretzel rods. 

I will share sometime this week about my grocery shopping experience last week.  I totally overspent and I'm back on track this week. 

I didn't post what we ate over the weekend, but Friday night we had leftover chicken, potatoes, vegetables and salad.  Saturday for lunch I made chicken salad sandwiches from the balance of the chicken and Saturday night I browned some hamburger and squirted in a little bit of ketchup to hold the hamburger crumbles together.  We call these loose burgers or Maid Rites and I serve this hamburger mixture on buns.  I had some tater tots in the freezer so I heated those up in the oven and we had a vegetable.

Sunday lunch was leftover loose burgers along with some other odds and ends in the fridge.  Our son was in a community orchestra concert and he had to leave early to practice so it was just me and my husband for lunch.  We ate a late supper after the concert and I pulled out some breaded chicken patties and the rest of the tater tots and heated them up in the oven for a simple supper.

It was a hectic weekend and I didn't really plan meals - just pulled meals together and did my best. 

When Christmas is behind us, I want to sit down and plan 4 weeks of meals at a time - if possible so that I can get a better picture of using up the food in my pantry and freezer. 

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Maureen said...

Martha I think that is the first time I,ve heard you say that you have overspent !!! Can,t wait to hear the gory details.