December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions - Not Me, well maybe

I do not like to make a New Year's resolution.  Why would I?  It always sounds good but when I have attempted to make a resolution, I only lasted 1 week.  Then I felt like a failure - well that's not a good way to start the New Year.  So, instead I prefer to just try to get a little better at what I am already doing and if along the way I decide to change something or start something new, I can do it when it is right for me.  Not just because the calendar turns to a new year.

But if I were to make a New Year's Resolution it would all center around one thing:  organization.  Yea, I am like everyone else in that I need to get a little more organized so my days would run smoother and I could have more time for some sewing projects. 

Anytime I have ever tried to get organized I end up going out and buying a bunch of organizational type stuff and then I use it for a couple of days, feel like a slave to what I bought and I give up. 

So, if I were to make a New Year's Resolution, and I'm not saying I am, okay - perhaps I am - I am going to try a little harder to be more organized.  Well, that wasn't very specific.  Okay, I will review my calendar each Sunday afternoon and write down appointments and my schedule each week.  There.  Now let's hope that I am still doing this by the third Sunday in January.

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Maureen said...

I have decided that outside of sticking to my financial goals I wont be making any other resolutions. And I,m going to stick with that.