December 16, 2010

Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham - A Movie Review

I just finished watching for the second time today the movie "Billy:  The Early years of Billy Graham.  If you are struggling in your faith, if you are discouraged, you need to watch this movie.  Robby Benson of all people directed this movie and did a fantastic job.

This movie centers around the life of Billy Graham during the 1930's and 1940's - through his college years and into his early years of ministry.  It goes into tremendous detail of how his best friend Charles Templeton went from being a powerful evangelist to becoming an Agnostic.

This movie follows Billy's faith and his own battles of doubts that ultimately leads him to becoming a great modern day evangelist.  It profiles his college years where he met and married his wife, Ruth Bell.

The acting is phenomenal (Lindsay Wagner, Jennifer O'Neill, Martin Landau) and the soundtrack is absolutely the best.  I ordered the soundtrack today from Amazon.  Those artists who contributed to the soundtrack are Brad Paisley, Brooks and Dunn, Michael W. Smith, Mac Powell, Alan Jackson, Melinda Doolittle and Roy Orbison to name a few.

This is obviously not a Christmas movie BUT it has uplifted me more than any Christmas movie that I could watch.  Billy Graham struggled in his faith and belief and became a profound evangelist.  I have no excuse but to move past any spiritual plateaus that I have hit and become a better Christian. 

I rented this from Netflix and will put it on my must buy list for my home d.v.d. collection.

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