November 03, 2010

Working a Temp Job - Continued

I was hired by the County Auditor along with several people to work at the Courthouse this week during the election.  Initially I was to work Monday and Tuesday only, but I was offered the opportunity to work today and tomorrow and since I was enjoying the process and the nice people that I am working along side, I decided to keep on working.

I am hoping that I will be called back next year to do the same thing during election times as it is fun, I enjoy the people I am working with and it is a perfect opportunity to earn some extra money.

BUT --- it does remind me of all the long hours I worked at my former job and how much I enjoy being home now.


Maureen said...

So glad your enjoying it, are you going to treat yourself with a little of your earnings ???

Martha said...

I had lunch from a restaurant one day this week, and this is treat enough for me. I want to put that money in savings for Christmas and in the bank to replace the money spent on our veterinarian bill.

BTW - our dog is back to her normal lovable self.