November 30, 2010

Dinner Tonight - November 30th

I deliberately made two meat loaves last night so we could have leftovers tonight.  Instead of heating the meatloaf in a microwave, I carefully fry the slices of meatloaf in a little bit of butter until they are crispy.  These are so delicious, and a little bit different than just leftover meatloaf.  Also, I am sure that my husband will end up making meatloaf sandwiches as he loves leftover meatloaf prepared this way.

Eating from the freezer and pantry is getting easier and easier.  I will probably go to the store tomorrow to pick up a few items, but we are really doing great.  It's not only been nice from a financial standpoint, but it has also been a wonderful time saver especially as we are going into the holidays.

The cookie jar is empty and I have to bake some cookies today.  I'm thinking chocolate cocoa cookies with peanut butter chips in them or perhaps cinnamon oatmeal or snickerdoodles. It is hard to decide.

We got our first dusting of snow today.  I've been doing some laundry and as I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down, I longed for the warmer days when I could hang clothes on the clothesline outside.  Those days are gone until spring.


Maureen said...

Martha if I discovered we needed cookies I,d be heading to the store, I wish I found it as easy as you do to bake a batch, for me it,s a recipe book, ingredients I don,t have on hand, and then a sense of panic about if they are going to be successful or not. It is a skill I never learned.

Martha said...

My dad loved cookies and when I was in the second grade my mom taught me to bake cookies. This turned into my job. I've been baking them ever since. But --- I love to bake and that is a big difference. If I didn't love baking, I would be buying the cookies at the store.