November 15, 2010

Christmas Movie Previews

I am a sucker for a good Christmas movie.  I love the traditional movies such as "White Christmas" and "It's a Wonderful Life," but I also love some of the newer movies that have come out in the past 10 years or so.

Today while I was working in my kitchen, I decided to pull out some Christmas movies and start to watch a few.  I have a t.v. and dvd player in my kitchen and when I am home alone, I love to put in a movie while I am working.

Here are three movies that are becoming classics in our household.  I like all of them equally well so they are not listed in order of importance. 

1.  One Magic Christmas.  As I was watching this movie today, I realized how appropriate it fits into this holiday season with the economy being what it is.  It centers around a family in which the husband has lost his job and his wife is working as a checker in a grocery store.  The husband still loves Christmas and is optimistic about the future but his wife is more practical and gets upset as her husband wants to spend some money in savings on Christmas presents for the kids and also in starting a bicycle repair business.  There is obviously more to the story including a Christmas Angel and Santa Claus.  In the middle of their financial troubles, the father and children help bring Christmas to a single mom and her daughter.  In the end circumstances happen in which a Christmas Angel and Santa Claus work together to bring the Christmas spirit back to the wife.  Mary Steenburgen stars in this movie and she does a great job.  No, it is not a "Christian" movie in that there isn't much talk of Jesus, but you do see Christian morals and values in this movie.  You will love it.

2.  The Man who Saved Christmas.  This movie takes place right before World War I and it is based on a true story.  Jason Alexander stars as A.C. Gilbert who invented the toy erector set.  He runs a toy factory with his brother and wife and they are very compassionate employers by giving generous wages to their employees and bonuses.  Mr. Gilbert wants to bring joy and happiness to children and others.  When World War I breaks out he is forced by the U.S. Government to turn his factory into a munitions factory.  This movie shows a wonderful loving family interacting with each other.  Although at times, his father, played by Ed Asner can be a little overbearing.  In the end A.C. Gilbert rediscovers his holiday spirit and convinces the U.S. Congress that what America really needs is a little Christmas joy.

3.  Silent Night.  This movie takes place during World War II during the Battle of the Bulge and is based on a true story also.  A German mother and her son take refuge in a cabin that ends up being in the battle.  Linda Hamilton stars as Elizabeth, the mother.  Soldiers from America and Germany end up taking refuge in the cabin on Christmas Eve and Elizabeth insists that her cabin is a neutral zone.  They take what rations they have and put them together for a Christmas Eve meal.  But, it is not without extreme danger in which the soldiers do not trust each other and the battle ends up coming to them.  Bitter enemies are forced to confront the war face-to-face.  At one point the soldiers sit at the table and remember better times but they are constantly on edge as they don't trust each other.  The mother, Elizabeth, is brave and is a hero in the end, when there is sudden danger.

I have one movie that was given to me this past year and I have yet to watch it.  I don't like to watch Christmas movies until now so I put it on the shelf until this week.   This movie is called "A Christmas Memory" and it stars Patty Duke.  I believe it takes place in the 1930's or early 1940's.  I'll probably get around to watching it on Thanksgiving and will have to tell you if I like it.

There are other movies that I enjoy such as "Christmas Child", along with the "The Christmas Box" and "Timepiece."  Are there any special Christmas movies that have become your family's favorites?

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