November 16, 2010

Dinner Tonight - November 16th

Last night I had thawed two pounds of hamburger in order to make hamburgers.  I made 5 hamburgers for dinner and I refrigerated the rest of the meat for tonight's meal:  maidrites (or loose burgers).  I decided that I didn't want to make a bunch of hamburgers last night to reheat for tonight's meal, although that would have been just fine with my husband.  So tonight we are having maidrites, leftover baked beans and fruit salad.  For dessert I bought some "Winter Mint" cookies at the store today for $1.00 a box.  I look forward to these cookies every year as they taste just like the Thin Mint cookies from the Girl Scouts and for only $1.00 a box, they are a bargain.

Another simple meal that everyone will enjoy.  Thankfully it is simple as I have done a mountain load of laundry today and I am working on a Thanksgiving meal post for an online news site.

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