November 29, 2010

Dinner Tonight - November 29th - Our 30th anniversary

Tonight we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn and a tossed salad - leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce and other veggies. 

November 29, 1980

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary and we usually celebrate by going out to eat.  My husband had a meeting tonight so we decided that we would much rather go out to eat sometime in December when we can go to a restaurant and relax and not be under any kind of time crunch.

I remember our 10th anniversary and I thought that was a huge mile stone and then before I knew it we hit 20 and I thought that was pretty cool.  Now at 30 I feel like we are one of a few in our circle of friends that has reached this milestone.  Being married 30 years to the same person has been awesome. 

BTW - we only dated 2 weeks when we got engaged.  I didn't know him before our first date.  At the time my then fiance found a job 2 states away and we only saw each other once a month until 3 months before our wedding.  Then .......

I moved in with his parents!!!!  I did this to be a littler closer geographically to him.  We were then only 2 hours away from each other and we saw each other about every other weekend until our wedding day.  Our first date was April 19, 1980.  We were engaged two weeks later and then married on November 29, 1980.

Not too bad ...  and 30 years later...

With our youngest son.


Maureen said...

When you know you,ve met the right one, Marriage seems like the right step to take. My Husband asked me to marry him after only a couple of dates, and thinking that he was kidding I laughed at him, and it took him another year to pluck up the courage to ask me again.
I seem to be lucky in that all of our friends have been married almost as long as us, so next year will see a lot of Ruby Weddings.

Enjoy your Anniversary Dinner when you have it.

Debs said...


Moxie said...

This is wonderful.. 30 years...WOW!!! Congrats!!