November 27, 2010

Grocery Expense - Week of November 21st

This week it became easier for me not to spend money on groceries.  Last week I felt like I was going through withdrawal by not purchasing some sales items but I already have a stuffed pantry and freezer so I don't need to stock up anymore. 

Now I have found something that is equal to saving the money, saving time by not having to do a big grocery shopping trip.  I think I only spent 15 minutes shopping this week.  Here is what I purchased:

Sweet Potatoes @ .33 lb. = $1.94
Two loaves bread @ .89 a loaf = $1.78
Two 1 lb. bags of powdered sugar @ .99 a pkg. = $1.98
Two dozen large eggs @ $1.48  = $2.96
1 box of Graham Crackers = $1.99
1/2 gallon 1% milk = $1.47
Coffee filters - 200 count = $0.99
22 oz. bunch of Romaine Lettuce = $1.69
16 oz. of Green Leaf Lettuce = $1.69
Two 4 packs of green, yellow & red peppers @ $2.99 = $5.98
Bananas @ $0.19 lb. = $0.62

Total amount paid from a budget of $25.00 = $23.09

I usually bake bread from scratch.  My recipe makes 3 loaves and I always freeze two.  Well, perhaps after this week I will have room in my freezer to store my homemade bread.  Right now, I don't have the room so I have been buying store bought bread.

I still have clementine oranges, some cabbage and carrots along with russet potatoes here at home. 

I have learned something over the past few weeks of posting grocery savings.  I am so fortunate to live in the midwest of the United States as it would appear our groceries are quite cheap as compared to other areas of the country and the world.  Grocery prices are going up, but at least in my area of the world I am still able to afford groceries.

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