November 21, 2010

Sunday Lunch - November 21st

Last night I browned meat for chili.  I used 1/2 ground turkey and 1/2 ground beef.  Then I added the rest of the ingredients - seasonings, chili beans, tomato sauce, tomato paste and diced tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients and dumped it all in a container and put it in the fridge.  When I got up this morning I dumped the contents into my crockpot to cook on low for several hours.  The result was that when we came home from church, the chili was ready.  I made some grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the chili along with some carrot sticks and for dessert we had brownies from yesterday's lunch. 

Sunday dinner is an "everyone for themselves" kind of meal.  I won't cook most Sunday evenings as I need a night off.

Tomorrow I will post the result of what I spent for groceries this week. 


Maureen said...

I love dishes that i can make with minced beef or minced chicken. Some of our family favourites are.
Spag Bol
All easy and quick to make and cheap as most of the ingredients are always amongst our staples.

Debs said...

I love love love my crock pot.
The other day i made a big pot of chilli when we had 5 or 6 folk over after church. All I had to do was a quick salad and pop some rice in a big pot and some garlic bread in the oven.

I've also been making pork casserole in the crock pot a lot lately. That's pretty quick, and delicious too (and my husband loves it, which i wasn't expecting, but am happy to make it again and again since he does!)

Martha said...

Ground or minced meat recipes are so versatile, and you can really make your money stretch.

I also love my crockpot, especially on Sundays when lunch is ready when we get home from church.