August 30, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

While on vacation this year, I found my dream kitchen at the President McKinley library and museum in Canton, Ohio.  Here are some pictures:

I even love the house dress.

Now this stove is for serious cooks.


Colorful kitchen items

I am a 1940's/1950's geek when it comes to decorating.  You've see my apron collection and retro fabric and inspiration piece.  I have a lot of my grandmother's kitchen items from the 1940's and 1950's. 

I wanted to start this project this year, but it has been delayed.  By next spring I will finally get my "dream kitchen," well, sort of.  I am going to paint the kitchen and replace some of the lighting, but the counter tops, sink, floor and appliances will have to wait til later.  But, that was what made grandma's kitchen so wonderful.  She made things last and used the same kitchen items and appliances for years and years.  She didn't care how old they were, they worked. 

So come next May I will have my 1940's/1950's  kitchen ready to go.  I am leaning towards a 1940's World War II era kitchen complete with a few World War II propaganda posters.  I have everything I need to put in the kitchen except for new kitchen chairs.  I truly believe it is possible for me to get the look I want without the new stuff.  I can cover the center of the floor with a rag rug.  I can work around the imperfections of having appliances that don't match by highlighting the cool stuff from grandma's house along with the curtains I will be making. 

Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to have everything new and perfect when we do a remodeling project, but we don't have to have everything perfect.  Do what you can on what budget you have to transform a room.  It could be simply buying a can of paint and painting that room.  That's your beginning.  Get it painted and then as you have a little money perhaps you can purchase some fabric for some curtains.  If you take your time and let your imagination go, you end up with a room that really reflects your personality.  It will also be a room that you will truly love because you didn't rush out to buy everything all at once and instead lived in it for a while, did some frugal searching at a garage sale or flea market and found little things along the way to go in that room. 

I want to work on this now.  Yeah, it is killing me to have to wait.  But the exterior of the house needs to be painted, then my DS's room needs to be painted and then the livingroom needs to be painted first.  Those are the priorities and when they are done, I will reward myself by working on my kitchen. 

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