August 15, 2010

Charity Challenge - We're half way through the month

Charity Challenge

It's August 15th and we're half way through the month, which means we are also half way through the Charity Challenge.  Remember? For anyone participating, for the month of August I put the challenge out to donate 10% of the money that you spend on groceries to a food pantry or other charity in your community.  If your budget is tight and 10% is too much for your family, a small monetary donation or a few cans of food donated is still a tremendous help to these organizations.

For many families who rely on a food pantry to supplement their groceries, the month of August is a hard month as it is also back to school month for kids.  Purchasing school supplies can be expensive and while many service organizations donate backpacks and other school supplies, many communities do not have the luxury of such a program.  So if you have a little extra or if you are able to donate the 10% from my challenge, I know many charities would be very grateful.

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