August 01, 2010

One year since I lost my job

and do I look happy?  You betcha.  As of yesterday it has officially been one year since I lost my job. 

I used to hear newly retired people tell me that the first year was a period of adjustment. I would definitely agree with that.  After working for years I can say from my own experience that yes, it does take time to adjust.  It has taken me almost one year to adjust to my new life and lifestyle. 

Probably the hardest part of being home has been a sort of loneliness.  Like it or not, working is a social event.  You are surrounded by people and you interact with those people.  Okay, some of those people may not be anyone that you would normally "hang out" with, but they are people that you talk to and are with every work day. 

I have become more and more at peace with being home alone.  For all those years I worked and was surrounded by people, it has been sort of tranquil to be myself during the day.  If I want to be around people, there are many avenues I could take.  One would be to get more involved at our church.  My DH and I already teach an adult Sunday School class and I help prepare and deliver meals to people who are sick.  For now, with everything I have to do at home, that is enough extra activity.

This upcoming year I have a mega amount of home projects to get done.  When I finally have these projects complete I plan to find other areas I can volunteer at our church.  I love our church and the people.  It is a church that believes strongly in volunteering and helping others. 

There have been ups and downs financially over the past year as has been the case with a lot of families.  I was one of the fortunate people in that I had 9 months' warning that I may be losing my job.  A lot of people go to work one day and are laid off then and there without warning.  

My DH changed jobs in January which was for the better for him.  With the economy being what it is, he won't be getting any raises over the next few years, but he loves his new job and is very happy.  Also a big part of the job change was his new boss.  He is someone that we have known for a long time and he cares deeply about people, especially his employees and their families. 

It's taken me a year to get used to living on one income.  At the beginning I was gung ho about not spending money but I ended up constantly feeling deprived and unhappy.  I went to an extreme.  Then one month ago I realized I had swung to the other end of the spectrum.  At least I turned it around and have found a happy medium. 

For me being home has been a job in progress.  I am constantly tweaking how I do things and reinventing myself.  It's been a wonderful year and now I realize the gift I was given almost  22 months ago when my boss sat down in my office and said "I'm thinking about applying to be a Judge.  If I do and am appointed, I will have to close the business."  I'll never forget his face when I said "I'm ready to be a full time homemaker and retire."   It's been a great year.


Maureen said...

Hi there Martha I have added your blog to my favourites and will be watching your achievements with great interest. Although I am still working it is only a matter of time before I will retire ( I am 59 ) so any hints and tips I can pickup from you will be gratefully received. Looking forward to joining your journey.

Martha said...


The first year was a real test of many ways to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle. Now that I have gained some confidence and found peace with my new life, I am ready to tackle some other ways to save money. My DH wants to retire in 10 years at age 62 so I have to really make sure that I stay on task when it comes to our financial goals.

Thanks for your comment. - Martha

Moxie said...

Congrats on your first year may there be many many more!!!