August 12, 2010

Being Prepared

I am bone tired - whatever that means.  To me it means so tired that you can't think straight.  Yesterday was day two of water in our basement.  We spent Tuesday getting the water out of the basement and it was dry within 8 hours.  Early Wednesday morning we had another storm go through and we had water in our basement again.  It was only an inch if we kept two wet dry vacs going continuously.  It took about 8 hours of constant tending to the water. The ground is so saturated. 

Today was beautiful and the basement is completely dry and doesn't smell at all.  We did a great job of getting it all cleaned up.  That is the good news.  The bad news is early tomorrow morning we are to get another big storm and then another one tomorrow night.  I know that we will get some more ground water in the basement.  So we are prepared.

We have placed about 10 towels in unique locations around the front of the basement where the ground water has been coming in.  We do this in order to direct the water away from the rest of the basement and in one direction to make it easier to clean up.  We have a fan running and will continue to have it running, the wet dry vacs are ready to go along with 4 buckets.  My MP3 player is all charged so I can listen to some funky music over the noise of the wet dry vacs. 

Ready to Go

Our water treatment plant has been in danger of flooding so I have 75 - 16 oz. bottles of water on hand and I have taken several containers and filled them with water in case they have to shut down the plant and we have to go without drinking water.  This has brought to mind that although I have a pantry of food and a freezer filled with food, I don't normally keep a stash of water on hand in case of an emergency.  So, I have added this to my list of things to keep in the pantry. 

After my son is done showering in the morning, I am going to fill his bathtub with water so that if the water plant has to shut down, we will have a bathtub of water we can access for washing.  We can also set containers in our backyard to catch rain water for bathing.  Yes, I have thought this through. 

Best of all, I have 3 extra large bars of milk chocolate to snack on while I am in the  basement. 

Do you know what I am thankful for?  Fresh scented bleach.  I have been spraying a bleach water mixture around the base of the floor to keep away the mold and the fresh scent sure beats the original smell of bleach.  I'm thankful that we have only received 1 inch of water in the basement and that the sewer hasn't backed up.

As to what tomorrow holds, I don't know.   The only thing I can do is to be prepared. 

Today I made it to the grocery store and got some really good deals.  I will post those when this little incident with water is over.

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