August 10, 2010


Leave it to life's cirumstances to bring you back to earth and be thankful for what you have, even if it is a little water in your basement.

Last night our community was hit with a flash food.  We received close to 7 inches of rain overnight. There were some people that had to be rescued from their homes along with their pets.  Water has rushed over roads and brought with it remnants of sheds, propane tanks, pieces of a house and more.  Some tiny homes have water up to their roofs.  It is a little unsettling when you see in your own community that kind of destruction. 

The call went out for volunteers to help sandbag some areas so my DS is sandbagging this afternoon.  Also he is taking pictures as he runs a news site and when he returns I will post some pics to my blog.  

I'm sure our local United Way and Red Cross will be putting out a plea for donations and our community always steps up to help people. 

We had about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of clean rain water that was in our basement and I have spent all day sucking it out with a couple of wet dry vacs.  It was still coming in through a small little hole in the mortar but that has now gone down to a little trickle.  We need to invest in a radius (curved) gutter to put around the front of our house where the roof line is curved.  Guess we should add that to the list of things we need done.  However, getting that much rain in a short amount of time when the ground is saturated, nothing probably would have helped.  We have had so much rain everyday that it is a wonder that we haven't had much flooding before this.

As I was working in the basement I listened to a Christian radio station on my MP3 player and the speaker was Evangelist Chuck Swindoll.  I love listening to him as he is interesting and funny.  He said that if you are going through a struggle (yep - I was) and you don't know what to pray, say this simple prayer "Lord have mercy." 

Lord have mercy - not only on me but on anyone who is struggling and especially those who have been affected by the flooding. 

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Maureen said...

I am feeling a little guilty that I was complaining about the rain yesterday in my blog, as we had no damage done.

Good luck with the clean up, and hopefully the rain has now stopped.