August 24, 2010

Extra Income

For the past 11 years, my DH has been coaching cross country for our high school.  He has a contract and receives some income for being a coach.  When I was working I never paid much attention to what his coaching money went towards, but now that I am not working his coaching money is a nice supplement to our income. 

The cross country season is taking place now and while he does put some of his own money into the program, we are always left with some money that we can use for other things.  It's not a great sum of money, after all it is a public school system, but we always manage to set aside some for Christmas and some for savings.

This money is extra money and we do not completely rely on it.  Extra income is just that.  It supplements and you should not depend on it.  Area school districts have had to make drastic cuts in the past year in order to try to balance their budget.  Frankly I was surprised that the school district didn't reduce his salary or cut it altogether.

I'm grateful for the extra money and I know that it could end next season.  You never know.

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Maureen said...

I would love to be able to supplement my income, I,m just not sure what I could do that would,nt involve me having to go out again at night.!!!