July 01, 2010

Flag Shopping

Today was grocery shopping/miscellaneous shopping day.  Tomorrow I will post about the deals I got from the grocery stores.

I seem to be spending more time making decisions on how to spend our money with the $150 challenge.  Taking a little more time deciding if I really need something, is a good thing.

I am very patriotic.  You don't grow up in the household of a disabled American veteran without having a love for country and for the flag.  My dad always had a flag on the flagpole, properly displayed, at all times.  We would sit outside and he would look at the flag and say, "That is the most beautiful flag in the world."  My dad experienced the horrors of war that left him disabled, but those disabilities never swayed his love for the country and the American flag.

Our flag had become tattered so we gave it to a veteran's group and they properly disposed of it.   With the 4th of July this weekend it was important to me to buy another flag and hang it proudly from my front porch.  Today while shopping for groceries and other needed items, I priced flags.  I fly the banner flag as it seems to last longer but the price was double - $19.00.  I called around and visited a few other stores, but the flag at Wal-mart was the cheapest. 

I left Wal-mart and went home to think about it.  In late afternoon I went back to Wal-mart and bought the flag.  Why did I have to think about it?  For practice.  Delaying purchasing something does not come naturally to me and $19.00 was quite a sum of money.  In the end, patriotism prevailed and the flag is displayed on our front porch. 

Everytime I look out the window, I think of my father.  He would be proud that I have continued the tradition of flying the American Flag on my porch. 


Moxie said...

I would like to thank your father for all he did and gave to make the world a better place for me and my babies!

cmm said...

I would love to know where your flag was made? Did that come into your decision making process at all?

Martha said...

@CMM: I do recall that it was made in the United States as I noticed it when I went to pay for the flag. It didn't affect my decision, but it did made me happier knowing that it was made in the U.S.