July 28, 2010

A Grocery Store Drop In

Normally I do not buy groceries at our local Wal-mart Super Center.  In our area it is the most expensive place to purchase your groceries. The only grocery items I buy at Wal-mart are honey, their version of Splenda and discounted italian bread.  Other than that, it has to be a really good sale for me to buy much of anything else.  Fareway and Hy-Vee grocery stores do a great job of keeping their prices below Wal-mart.  I know that this is not the case for every town.

Even though I don't shop Wal-mart for groceries, I do look at a few items when I am in there to see if perhaps they have lowered their prices.  Two weeks ago I was in Wal-mart and noticed that whole seedless watermelons were on sale for $3.25.  That is a great deal in our area so I put one in my cart.  Then I decided to take a walk around the produce department to see what else was on sale.  When produce is in season, the prices are obviously cheaper than any other time of the year.  Well, I got a big surprise that day.  Several items were on sale at a very low price and the quality of the produce was very, very good.  So for the last few weeks anytime I need fresh fruit or vegetables, I check Wal-mart first. 

Here is what I purchased at Wal-mart today for only $12.05. 

Seedless watermelon - $3.25
Oranges - 4 oranges @ 50 cents each
Nectarines - 1.87 lbs. @.49 lb.
Peaches - 7.16 lbs. @  .49 lb.
Plums - 1.24 lbs. @.49 lb.
Red Seedless grapes - 1.92 lbs. @ .94 lb. 

I bought a lot of peaches as this is the time of year I like to make and preserve peach-pineapple conserve.  The oranges are used in that recipe also, otherwise I rarely buy an orange unless it is a clementine. 

The point of this post is this.  Every one of us has a store that we have deemed "too expensive" for groceries.  However some times it pays to drop in and check to see if there is an in store sale going on.  You might be surprised by what you find. 

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