July 17, 2010

Back from Vacation

We have been on vacation for a week and it was great to get home last night.  We drove to New York to visit my mother and then we spent some time in Ohio going to the Football Hall of Fame.  I do not like football at all, but when you have boys you tend to put up with sports. After we left the Football Hall of Fame I told my DS and DH that I felt that if there was a craft museum somewhere they should spend an afternoon going through it with me. 

We love history and it seems that we tend to put sports and history together.  While in Ohio we went to  President McKinley's museum and library, President Hayes' museum and library and then to President Harding's home.  We really enjoyed it and learned a lot about some presidents that don't get a lot of pages in the history books.  We also went to the First Ladies Museum.

I'll post more later but am glad to get home and cook our own food after eating out for a week.  Yes, eating out does got old after a while.

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