July 25, 2010

Charity Challenge

Tonight I watched "America Now:  Friends and Neighbors" on Dateline.  This episode was about how those living in poverty have been affected by the Recession.  Families were profiled from the southeastern area of Ohio.  It was a tear jerker.  Please go to the Dateline website here.  Look through the slideshow and click on the videos.  No matter what you feel about those living in poverty or how they got there, no one should go to bed hungry.  The people profiled want jobs, they want to provide for their children and they want hope. 

I needed to see this, not just to be thankful for what I have, but to see that I should be doing more to help others.  Honestly no one living in America should be going to bed hungry and I mean no one.  My father grew up in poverty and he went to bed hungry all the time.  That was back in 1917.  This is 2010.  We should be able to feed everyone in this country.  No matter what the economy, not one person should have to worry about where their next meal comes from as there are people such as myself that have more than enough to share.  The bottom line is this,  those living in poverty are the first to be affected by the Recession and the last to recover from it.

There have been a lot of challenges being made on several blogs that I follow and I want to throw out this challenge for the month of August.  My challenge for the month of August for myself and for anyone else is to donate 10% of what money you spend on groceries to a food pantry or a charity that directly helps the poor.  For many of us that amount would range from $25 to $40. 

Let's make a difference and be diligent about giving to feed the hungry here in America.


Moxie said...

Great idea! I'm in southern Ohio and yes we have some really poor folks in our area! I agree...people in our own back yards being hungry is so sad! Food pantries also LOVE food donations! If you are close to your neighbors you can do a mini can drive or shop your own pantry for donations. Another good tip is that if you find and especially GREAT deal on items at the grocery...prayerfully consider buying extra then dropping it off at a local food pantry. You may even call one from time to time to see what they are low on. Baby food formulas are a high demand in our area. If you know a family who is struggling...cooked foods are a blessing too...especially for the elderly and shut ins. There are SO many ways to help!!

Lyn said...

Even if you don't have a lot and cannot afford to give cash, a few donated groceries does help to make a difference. If everyone gave even a few food items, imagine the difference it could make!

Also, if one coupons, giving some of your excess items that are free are low-cost, is a great way to help. We live on a super-tight budget and this is how I've been able to give back in a frugal way.

I've partaken of a food pantry, so I have been on both sides of the coin.

Great post, thank you.