July 05, 2010

A Book Review - The Simple Dollar

"The Simple Dollar -How one man wiped out his debts and achieved the life of his dreams" by Trent Hamm was published last month.  I follow Trent on his site The Simple Dollar.  He is from the Des Moines area and I am drawn to his story about being head over heels in debt and how he got out of it and changed his view on money and living life. His book was just published in early June.

My favorite part of the book is at the beginning when he realized that he didn't have enough money to pay his bills. He and his wife had a baby boy at the time and he walked into the nursery and sat in a chair and started to cry. Trent was at rock bottom and he found the strength to do whatever it took to get out of debt. He even went as far as selling many possessions on e-bay to pay down debt.

I highly recommend this book as it not only tells his story it gives great advice and I'm not necessarily talking about how to stretch a dollar, but how to view money and your life. It is a well written book. Reading it over the past few days when I was facing my own budget issues, has made me feel so much better about myself and also about how I feel about money and my goals in life.

We all make mistakes and we have the opportunity to learn from them. Go to the library and get Trent's book or at the very least go online and look at his website.  If you haven't heard about him, I know you will be encouraged after you read his story and see how much he has accomplished in just a few years.


Moxie said...

I'll add this to my reading list! Thanks for the share. I can't remember where I read it but one thing that really changed my mindset about money was to think about money as not money....but hours of your life (or your husbands if you don't work like us) Of I buy product xyz...than hubby has to trade so many hours of his LIFE for that product. We can never add those hours back on the ticker...so it really helps me to see real value....because my hubby's life is so very important to me and his kiddos!

Martha said...

That is a very interesting way to view money. I like that. Thanks for sharing.