July 07, 2010

The Search for a Denim Skirt

For two years I have been trying to find a decent knee length denim skirt.  Either they were too tight in the hips and too big in the waist or there was a slit cut up the side, back or front that was way too high.  I gave up. 

Then, last week I was going through my closet pulling out clothes that I needed to give away when I came across this skirt. 

Excuse the photo - I would have put it on but there was no one home to take a picture of me wearing it.

At one time this was my favorite denim skirt.  I bought it 9 years ago and as you can tell it is quite faded.  The reason it was my favorite was that it had a side zipper, was A lined and there was no waist band.  No matter what I wore with it, it was comfortable and looked good on me.  I had not worn it in a year but instead of putting it in the give away pile, I decided to shorten it. 

So I cut off a good amount of fabric.

Then I hemmed it on the sewing machine and here it is. 

My son took these pictures of me and I asked him to get a little more of the bottom of the skirt so here is the result.  (Be careful what you ask for.)

I probably should have changed the shirt as that is what I was wearing at the time,  but I think the skirt looks great.  The best part was when I went to machine hem it, the correct thread color was on the machine already to go.


tammyyarbrough said...

I wish I could sew! You have a nice figure, btw. The length is very flattering.

Martha said...

Wow, Tammy, thanks. You have made my day. If you are interested in sewing, it is never too late!