July 05, 2010

I have a Kindle!!

Back in April my DH received a Kindle for his birthday.  He loves it. Recently my MIL called to tell me that she and my FIL wanted to buy me a Kindle.  I was so surprised.  They insisted.  I now own a Kindle. 

In my quest to reduce my spending, a Kindle could really get me sidetracked if I'm not careful.  My MIL told me not to worry as there are many free books you can download and there are books for only 99 cents. 

I have had on my wish list all of Jane Austen's books for a very long time.  Now I have them all on my Kindle and they were free.  I am in heaven.  When we go on vacation I will have a lot to read and if I want more, I can wirelessly download a book from anywhere.

The average price of Kindle books is $9.99 and fortunately with the Kindle you are allowed to preview these books. A lot of the previews are almost one chapter in length which gives me plenty to read in order to make a decision as to whether I want the book or not.  Many books that I thought I would want to read, I have taken off my list after reading the previews. 

But wait there is more.... My MIL told me to order the Kindle and a cover for it and then she would reimburse me.  I ordered the Kindle prior to the price reduction, but when the price was reduced a few weeks after I purchased the Kindle I was given a refund of the difference - $70.00!  I called my MIL to tell her that I would be sending her a check for the refund and she told me to keep it.  I took the $70.00 and applied it to a bill.  That wouldn't have happened before. 

I'm enjoying my gift and I am so lucky to have a MIL and a FIL that love me so much that they wanted to surprise me and give me such an extravagant gift.


tammyyarbrough said...

I'm quite happy for you! Looks like your hubby knew how to pick 'em 29 years ago :D! Enjoy!

Laura said...

Have you found all the free books? This link has made my kindle worth much more than the original purchase price. http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/digital-text/154606011

Martha said...


I have downloaded several free books since I got my Kindle. I love looking through the selection, along with the classics.