January 01, 2010

Pantry Challenge Meal Planning

I thought I would try to post what we will be eating each day, at least for our main meal.  Today being New Year's my family reminded me we usually have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  I had forgotten.  Since everyone had slept in late and had eaten breakfast, I decided we would have a mid afternoon meal today.  I set about making homemade cinnamon rolls using a quick rise dough recipe and then I looked in the fridge and freezer for something other than plain eggs to serve.  I had some bacon, frozen homemade pie crust dough, plenty of eggs and swiss cheese.  I made a quiche.   So at 4:00 this afternoon we dined on homemade cinnamon rolls and quiche just in time for the Rose Bowl.  We had some mandarin oranges in the fridge leftover from a recipe earlier in the week also.

I love to serve my family meals that I make up on the fly as I love a challenge.  Makes me think of Grandma as she did this every day of her life.

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Tammy said...

Way to go Bucks! My almamater! ;>