January 14, 2010

Mending and a Movie

In the spirit of the t.v. show "Dinner and a Movie," I am spending this afternoon tackling my large mending pile.  If I don't get this done the clothes will either be out of style or out of season.  So this afternoon will be spent with a movie from Netflix and a needle and thread.  The picture is just a portion of what needs to be mended.  There are buttons to so on, seams to repair and hems to fix and socks to darn. 

Yes, I darn socks.  I have several pairs of those soft knitted footy socks that I love to wear around the house.  It only takes about 5 minutes for me to take some soft complimentary yarn and repair them.  I love those socks and it is worth my time.  Someday I will learn to knit so that I can make my own.  Knitting is on my list of things to learn.

My DS will be happy to see that I have finally fixed the hem on his flannel lined jeans.  Last week when it was sub zero weather he could have used those jeans.  Oh well, winter isn't over here yet.

Probably the biggest motivation for me to get this done is that my favorite coat dress needs a button replaced.  No I haven't gained weight.  Buttons are never sewn on correctly at the factory.  I love wearing that dress with some black pants.  It is oh so warm and I do look good in it.

In order to get my mending done I will need a few afternoons over the next two weeks.  Perhaps when I picked out a movie from Netflix I should have picked a trilogy.


Moderate Means said...

I think half of the work on my son's zoo mat was done during a Lost marathon through Netflix ;) Nothing like TV to help pass the time during sewing. All I have in my mending pile right now is a few stuffed animals with loose seam and tangled paws :)

Martha said...

There's something about sitting in a comfy chair sewing on a button and watching a chick flick. I do need to get my sewing room organized. It became the junk room at Christmas time and I need to clean it out.