January 12, 2010

An award -- me?????

Stacy at Moderate Means has given me and some other bloggers  "The Sunshine Award" and the "Happy Award."   I will be posting more about this tomorrow and will be passing these awards on to other fellow bloggers.  I was very surprised and it truly made my day. It warranted a call to my husband who was working out of town today and then when my 17 year old son came home from school I could hardly wait to tell him.  Actually both thought it was kind of cool.  Sooo - thanks Stacy and I will post all about it tomorrow and my blogger award recipients.

1 comment:

Moderate Means said...

Woohoo! Glad to see you posted it :) I love your blog!

Oh, and I owe you an email. My cell phone has been acting up and I didn't see the message until this afternoon. I'll hop back in there if I get my blog done tonight :)