January 27, 2010

Menus for the week of January 18th

Here is what we ate last week on the Pantry Challenge.

Monday - Rump roast (browned and slowly braised til fork tender), served in its juices over rice with mixed vegetables, carrot salad and bread

Tuesday - Vegetable beef soup made with leftover rump roast and frozen soup fixins from the freezer, cuban bread

Wednesday - Chili mac casserole, tossed salad, bread

Thursday - I was gone to a meeting and so was my DS - my DH ate leftovers

Friday - Roasted turkey breast, stuffing, broccoli, tossed salad, bread and homemade applesauce

For dinner on Saturday I made homemade pizza that was topped with chopped turkey and some bacon.

For lunch on Sunday we had pancakes, sausage and a fruit salad.  The other meals on the weekend are leftovers or sandwiches and for breakfast I have plenty of cereal on hand along with toast and eggs.

We eat simple meals.  That is what we like - always have and always will.

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