January 02, 2010

Cold Weather and Exercising

I awoke this morning to a chilly temperature of minus 8 degrees.  Brrr.  The high today is supposed to be 5 degrees.  On days like today I prefer to brew some coffee and put on another sweater and stay inside.  My DH is a different story.  He is a runner and has run 12 marathons in his life.  He ran the Boston Marathon twice.  After reading the morning paper my DH put on his running clothes and headed out for his daily run.  He was gone 45 minutes.  Oh and the temp was still minus 8 degrees.  Here he is upon his return. 

The ice on his mustache makes him look 20 years older.

Notice the running tights he is wearing.  I think he looks very cold but he denies it.  Right after I took this picture he took our black lab for her morning walk. 

In the winter I prefer to exercise inside when the weather is cold.  Over the past few years we purchased two exercise "machines" that I use constantly.  One is a Bowflex power tread and the other is a Bowflex weight bench.  I use the Power Tread 5 times a week for 30 minutes and I burn about 400 calories each time.  I lift weights with the Bowflex weight bench twice a week.  BTW - we have a t.v. in the basement so I have the option of listening to the t.v. or a d.v.d. to pass the time. 

Our Power Tread

Our Bowflex

(Please excuse the mess in our basement.  I will be facing that sometime this month.)

My other form of exercise is our black lab, Griffey.  Every day she walks into the kitchen at around 11:30 a.m.  That is when I walk her and if I should lose track of the time, she reminds me.  I do have my limits with the weather and refuse to walk in the pouring rain or if the temp is below 15 degrees.  I also go along with my DH in the evening for her evening walk (unless it is too cold).

She was looking out the window waiting for my DH to come back from his run. 
She knows when he returns, it will be time for her walk.

Recently I priced what a membership at Curves would cost and I considered it for a brief time.  Many women in our community are members of Curves.  When I compared the exercises and machines that are used at Curves vs. what I have available at home, I decided against it.  The one benefit to any fitness club would be the social aspect and the help of a trainer.  I am happy that we put our money into our own exercise equipment than in a monthly membership somewhere. 

I never exercised much until about 5 years ago when I was in my mid 40's. I knew then that if I didn't start working out and making it a priority, I would regret it over time.  IMO there are two advantages to exercising:  mind and body.  I feel better when I get out and go for a walk and it helps to alleviate any winter blues that may come my way.  The other benefit is I don't get sick as often and I am doing what I can to keep unwanted weight off. 

Between lifting weights, power treading or walking the dog, I work out a total of 1 1/4 hours for 5 days a week.  For my money I'll stick with what I got.  We have two great machines here at home that I enjoy using and can use at any time that works into my daily schedule. Also, my DH is a cross country coach and my DIL and DS are both coaches.  If I need any diet or exercise advice, I only need to ask.  

I have one goal for 2010 and that is to add Yoga and Pilates to my routine.  I have purchased two dvd's for workouts at home and my goal is to become more toned and to strengthen my lower back.  Now I just have to figure out when I am going to fit this into my schedule. 

Does anyone have any fitness goals for 2010?


T said...

Minus 8*? OMG! We live in Northern Alabama(Roll Tide!-DH)and it was
24* this morning. I walked 4 miles around 7:oo am with our 9 month Terrier puppy. I thought that I would freeze!(Buddy, the puppy, needs a "Snuggy") I'm sure the ice on MY mustache- just kidding- made me look 100 years older! I will stop complaining now, clean MY house :( and maybe go back to bed- of course that is, under my Snuggle Fresh smelling blankets!!!

Martha said...

24* would be a heat wave right now. The next few days the temps will remain as they were today. Yuk!! When my husband came back from his run he told me that one of the bank's time/temp clocks said it was 119*. It was so cold that the clock broke.

BTW - I love the name Buddy for a pup.

Tammy said...

Buddy's yours! Send me your address and I'll Fed Ex him priority. So far this month he has managed to chew up 2 pair of glasses(mine and my DS),puzzle pieces, part of the dining room table... the list goes on and on!!! We have an invisible fence, but he has somehow outsmarted the stupid thing and now has a bad reputation in the neighborhood! He's a spoiled little brat of a puppy!(Mighty cute though):D

Tell your hubby to cover those legs before they freeze!!

Martha said...


Your comment has prompted me to write a