February 22, 2011

"Spent" - An Online Game

Please go online and play this game.  It is sponsored by Urban Ministries of Durham.  The game is set up so that you have to pick a job available, apply for it and if you get it you have to live on that minimum amount of money each month.  The problem is that real life situations come up and you must make decisions on what to do with the little money that you have.

I saw this game advertised on CNN this morning and I played it.  It is a real eye opener.  Go to this link to play Spent.

I would recommend that parents let their pre-teens and teenagers play this game.  It is a real eye opener.


The Single Saver said...

This was fun, and eye opening. But, it told me I would go hungry with the food I bought, and I bought more in the game than I do in real life and I do fine in real life (and have the extra pounds to prove it - lol).

Sharon said...

I tried this game but think it's rigged, because I didn't qualify as the temp. I type 120 wpm with no errors! ;)!

It is eye-opening. It would be very tough to live on so little, and if you could, it wouldn't last. The stress would definitely get the best of you.

Martha said...

My youngest son is 18 years old and a Sr. in High School. He played this game and he said to me "How come when you have a little money, then something happens?" My response - well that is real life.

He told me that in the game he had to give his dog away because it got sick and he didn't have money for a Vet. I e-mailed a teacher at his school and gave him the link. I think this would be great for teens to do.

Maureen said...

I,m sure it would be fun to play and i have seen a few bloggers discuss it recently, but I just don,t have the time right now, work is taking over my life.

Martha said...


I remember the days when I was working many, many hours in a week. Those were the days when as you said that work took over my life too. It seemed as if all I did was work, eat, sleep.

Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, sounds neat! I'll bookmark it for later on! :)

Alicia Kiesling said...

We loved the game! Brandon and I played it last night. Fun!